Winter is nearly over!

On March 21 we will finish our winter session of lessons. Hopefully all of this cold will help us to have less bugs this summer! We are always thankful for our indoor arena with heat, lights and music. The winter is tolerable and even fun!!

     One rider learned to dismount independently this winter. Another learned to ride sitting upright and balancing without using hands at the walk! We are building core muscles, social skills and having a good time!! When we have more confidence in what we can do, we have more confidence in life!

      We are so fortunate to be able to continue our routine for our riders and for our horses. We had 29 lessons each week this winter with a few cancelations for cold and a few for illness.  The winter days are brightened with a visit to the barn and some quality time with our horse-partners.

Favorite Student Quote: “If the mirror is foggy, how will I see my beautiful, beautiful self?!”

Favorite Volunteer Quote: “Is there a special way to get these hairs off after the lesson?”


Special Thank You to our dedicated winter volunteers who brave the roads, the wind, the dark, the rain, the snow and the mud to maintain safety and fun in our lessons!! We could not continue without our volunteer team!

Spring Wish List: Screenings for our path to the arena and for our path to the manure/shavings area.

  • Water bottles             

  • 1 new manure cart

  • Kleenex Boxes

  • 1 new manure rake

Changes in lesson Schedule

Most students have made lesson requests. There is still time to work on the spring schedule. Please text or email to let us know of any changes you might like to make.

Volunteers, please let us know your preferences as well. ;-)

There are no lessons (usually) on Thursdays or Sundays.


A New Search:

We hope to find 4 businesses to partner with us for a monthly commitment of a $500 donation throughout the year. In return, we will advertise the business as our partner on social media and in the arena where lessons happen.  The business might like to hold some outdoor retreats or picnics during the year at Hope Farm Granville. We could also offer a “Family Day on the Farm” for the business in the summer for a fun outing! Please help us to find the right partners!!


Special Note:

    Beethoven has joined in our dismounted lessons. He is our mini-donkey. He will be 4 in July. He is very proud of his work and his important position on our team! He is still in charge of keeping the coyotes out of our corrals. He has his own halter and blanket now. Congratulations, Beethoven!

Also, during the winter Hope started carrying a rider on her back. She is still learning and working hard each week. One day, she will be in lessons, but for now, we are very proud of her progress and her great attitude. She will be 4 years old in April.Liberty is her mom. Her Sire, Alomar, lives at Southwind Stables in Pataskala.