Winter 2019 Newsletter

Thank you to our volunteers for your dedication to our students and to our horses. Our weather has been quite varied in the last few weeks. All of our volunteers have kept our lessons going and our horses happy. We would not be here without each one of you!

Parking Suggestion

It works well if you turn around, pointing out when you arrive. Then we have all of our cars facing the same direction along the driveway. Please try to park along the driveway or near the barn/horse trailer so that the driveway to the house is not blocked. We have family members and deliveries using that area during the day.

German Geese

Hansel and Gretel came from a home where they were not wanted.They do come when they are called, and they know their names. They seem threatening when they hiss and honk! This is how they communicate. They really like it if you stop and talk to them. If you don’t have time, or if you don’t like them, please just ignore them. If you run, they will “follow, not chase” you. Please treat them with respect. Please do not kick or chase them!!!


We are the recipients of the Denison Venture Philanthropy Grant! We will use the funds to improve and continue the driveway to the arena and mounting block allowing our riders with walkers and wheel chairs easier access to their horses.We will also receive service hoursgiven by Denison Students. Watch for some new faces around the barn!! We will be able to begin a Hope Farm Literacy Project, making traditional books and e-books with the funding and help of our Dension friends. We are very excited to be chosen for this generous grant!

Volunteer Training with CPR/First Aid

Saturday, Feb. 23 1-4pm

Required for all new volunteers

All volunteers are welcome and encouraged  t

to attend! We will have snacks! ;-)

ASL Training at Hope Farm Granville

Everyone is welcome! There is a Facebook Page for the group. All are welcome to join.


Suggested Donation: $10/adult

                                    $8/children (under18)

6-7pm in the arena 2/21, 2/28, 3/14 and 3/21

Amy Mullins is generously donating her time to teach this class for us. Please feel free to join us. ;-) There will be cookies!Bring a chair or a blanket for sitting. ;-)